Aylin Coşkun
Aylin Coşkun
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Aylin Coşkun

Born in Hofheim, Germany, Aylin Coşkun relocated to her hometown, İzmir, when she was 15.

In addition to being a photomodel,

Aylin Coşkun, Miss Turkey titleholder of 1997 Miss Globe beauty pageant, also received formal education on singing and theatrical performance and is known as the producer and host of many TV programs broadcasted in national televisions,

After displaying a successful performance in her artistic endeavors, Aylin Coşkun made her debut as an actress with TV commercials and became a nationwide celebrity figure with her sympathetic attribute

After receiving academic education on theatrical performance in Sadri Alışık Theatrical Academy, she displayed a significant motion Picture performance as the lead actress of “Anne yada Leyla”, directed by Mesut Uçakan.

Due to her keen interest in singing since her early childhood, she later received singing lessons from famous doyennes such as Erdem Siyavuşgil and Meltem Taşkıran. Later she attended to Müjdat Gezen Art School and received a diploma in Singing and Solfege.

Following her graduation, she made her debut in the music industry with her first album, “Masal”, which received critical acclaim.

Her single, “Yandım Allahım”, amassed thousands of fans from all over Turkey.

Aylin Coşkun also performs as a composer and her own composition called “Bu Kaçıncı”, which is included in her first album, was applauded by many music authorities.

Following an incredible success in her first album, she continued climbing upwards in her musical career and released her second album called “Tam Zamanı”.

In her own words, she calls herself a “trademark” and she came up with her third album called “Marka” (literally translated as the trademark) which was received with great enthusiasm by her fans and clinched her place in the high-end marketplace of Turkish music industry.

As an artist who received many prizes as a model, show host, actress, composer and singer, she passed another milestone in her music career and released a fourth album called “Paspas”, which was very well-received by public and produced with contribution of many famous and notable musicians in Turkey.

Aylin is much enthusiastic nowadays due to her upcoming fifth album release, recordings of which has already commenced.